avt mishawaka1The Mishawaka Indiana Water Department seized the opportunity

to put a new valve on a major 20-inch trunk

line leading from one of its treatment plants. A complete shutdown of the line, however, was far from the ideal scenario.

Broken valves on this particular line that could not limit the effect of a shutdown and the high number of people that would be put out of service complicated the project planning. The desired location added a depth problem too. With the combined talents of the department’s own engineering staff and the experts at Advanced Valve Technology these problems were solved.

The EZ Valve™ system provides under-pressure installation for either a permanent insertion valve or a temporary line stop and the system proved ideal for this application. With some effective adaptations a standard EZ Valve was modified to allow use on a 5-foot deep main located below a busy street.

AVT technicians performed a horizontal valve insertion on this active 20-inch water main by orienting the valve body castings and the valve bonnet assembly 90 degrees off of the standard vertical alignment. The valve actuator nut that would have broken ground level in a regular install was now safely below grade parallel to the pipeline. A 90-degree bevel gear assembly was attached to the actuator and access to the valve control is normal.avt mishawaka2

The new 20-inch EZ Valve is in place and working properly. It was installed under-pressure and with no service interruption in the desired location. The valve operates normally with no aboveground interference and the unique installation process did not require costly restraint measures.